Decentralized messenger with its own blockchain payment system

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Yoke Chat is an innovative messenger that uses blockchain technology to protect user data and preserve anonymity

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About Yoke Chat Project

Yoke Chat is an innovative messenger that uses blockchain technology to protect user data and preserve anonymity. Users will be able to communicate safely without worrying about the possibility that someone else can read them.

To ensure maximum functionality of the messenger, the Yoke Chat internal coin is used, which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies inside the messenger, as well as it can be used for making purchases through paypass, paying for additional services, etc. The messenger has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet where you can conveniently and safely store coins, as well as exchange them instantly and with low fees.

The platform's coins will grow in price as the project develops and will provide investors with a profit in the long term. In addition, coin holders will receive dividends thanks to PoS, which will also have a positive impact on the Yoke Chat rate.

Ecosystem YOKE

Blockchain is designed to end bad economics of existing coins. Other blockchains make miners rich. We reward communities involved in the development of open protocols like Yoke Chat.

  • Name Yoke Chat
  • Block Time 60 seconds
  • Staking age 2 hours
  • MN Rewards 75%
  • Algorithm Quark
  • Maturity 150 blocks
  • Total Supply 210 000 000
  • Mn Collateral 2000
  • Premine 80000
  • Block height Reward
  • 1 - 11000 1
  • 11001 - 34000 20
  • 34001 - 78000 40
  • >78001 20


Yoke Chat is an open ecosystem. We will provide initial implementations of all services, and then the speed of growth will increase once early adopters start contributing to Adshares Network. Take a look at software development progress.

4th quarter 2018
  • Listing on major cryptoexchanges
  • White Paper release
  • Presale and masternodes launch
  • The crypowallet beta version release
1st quarter 2019
  • Marketing campaign start
  • Web platform beta version for mobile devices and major operating systems
  • Mobile wallet release
2nd quarter 2019
  • Launching a marketing campaign for partners
  • Platform and Wallet Enhancements
3rd quarter 2019
  • Partnership agreements with large online stores
  • Listing on the new exchange

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